Monday, November 16, 2009

Pica de Leña

This past Saturday, November 14, 2009 was the annual fiesta of Pica de Leña. It is a festival of woodcutting where people of Nicoya get together to chop wood, load up ox carts (some of them painted) with the wood, dance, sing, and have a parade of the oxcarts and dancing horses through town. We got to go out and be part of the festivities this weekend so I wanted to share some pictures from the day!

Welcome to Pica de Leña 2009!

Coconut milk straight from the coconut with a straw!! ...not the best tasting drink ever, but I figured I´d try it!

Chopping the wood!

When you have large crowds of people who start to consume certain beverages at 8:00am there will, of course, be some fights.

Two oxen were caught together and fell down. This was before freeing them.

some spectators lined up on a carreta!

Shaved Ice... freshly shaven from a huge block of ice!

First ox cart in the parade, with a banner of the virgin.

One of the many dancing horses!

Kayla, Jerry, Dianara and myself after the Pica de Leña parade!

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