Thursday, November 5, 2009

1st Week in Nicoya (post fr. Int'l Teaching Blog)

So we arrived in Nicoya and the heat & humidity hit us hard! The first thing I noticed and wasn't really expecting was how green everything was. Costa Rica is such a beautiful place and you get accustomed to the heat after a while. Karla picked us up at the airport & told us it'd be a 30 minute ride to Nicoya... 2 hours later we arrived at her house!

We got to relax on Sunday and started our first day at San Ambrosio on Monday. I am working with pre-k to 2nd graders. They are all sweet children, but don't always listen very well to their teachers. I don't feel like the teachers here have had any training in classroom management, so hopefully we will be able to implement that somewhat by the time we leave. My first day with the 2nd graders was rather challenging as they kept talking over one another and ignoring directions from myself and Susanna. On Tuesday there was an 'open house' with the pre-k and kinders where all the parents came for the whole school day to see what the classes were like. This went really well and throughout the rest of the week the students have listened much better.

Kayla and I got to walk around town with Karla Tuesday afternoon after school got out. Below is a picture of the oldest church in all of Costa Rica. On the front of this catholic church it reads 'Viva Blas' which was the saint for which the church was built. It is now a historical monument which is open during the week for people to come see and to pray in.

On Wednesday, Kayla, Jerry and I took a day trip to Playa Samara which is about an hour bus ride away. We had the day off of school because the power in Nicoya was going to be off most of the day. When we first got there and went out on the beach there was hardly anyone there. We saw a lot of horses running around on the beach, iguanas on the rocks and a lot of little red crabs on the sand.

Overall, this week has been a great learning experience. I am looking forward to trying to break through the language barrier and help my students to learn more English. I'll try and do this through creative activities and better classroom managment strategies. I am very grateful for this experience!

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