Sunday, November 1, 2009


Kayla and I made it here safe and sound! We´ve been trying to adjust to this hot weather! It´s been great so far, yesterday we were turned loose in downtown Nicoya for a little while to explore. We saw the oldest church in Costa Rica, went to a supermercado, panderia, and one of Karla´s favorite coffee shops. It was fun to see the town, but when we got back we took a nap and slept through the rest of the night... from about 5pm-7am. Ridiculous! We were supposed to go to a party with Karla but she didn´t want to wake us and let us sleep. I guess that was good for us, but I hate that we missed it. She said we missed some good Argentine bbq! Hopefully we´ll get to experience that some other time.

Today was a pretty lazy day for us (Sunday 11/1). We had breakfast with Karla when we got up, including some amazing Costa Rican coffee!! We pretty much rested all afternoon and I helped Karla to make lunch.. zucchini cooked with garlic butter, salt & pepper and some steaks. It was delicious! Kayla and I went into town later to the supermercado and got some ice cream at an heladeria in town. On our way back we saw a gorgeous rainbow and got all muddy. :) Gotta love the rainy season! This evening we went to mass at Karla´s Catholic church and went out to eat with a family she is friends with afterward. When we got home Kayla and I decided to paint our nails just to relax and I broke my OPI bottle.. ugh haha So my nails better last! Anyway, today has been wonderful also. Tomorrow is our first day of school!

Hope everyone is having a great day!




  1. Ah, sounds so great! Can't wait to hear more and see some PICTURES! :) So I may have missed something, but is Kayla a fellow classmate from App and is Karla your host home? Btw, I told Tyler about you being down there and he said you better bring us back some Costa Rican coffee, haha. He's totally serious...we'll pay you! I'll try to remind you near the end of your time there. Love you lots friend!

    -Erin Boone

  2. So glad you made it safely! I'm looking forward to reading all about your adventures with the kids and Karla! I found out last week that I definitely got accepted into the program and hopefully next week will have a confirmed place. I hope to be right where you are in a few months! :)